Traffic Racer MOD APK v3.7 vs Traffic Rider Mod APK [Unlimited Money, Unlocked] Download

Traffic Racer Mod APK

By Sonar Kara

Android: 5.1+

Version: 3.7

Size: 86.2MB

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The world of mobile gaming has become a playground for racing aficionados seeking heart-pounding thrills. Among the remarkable contenders in this arena are the captivating titles “Traffic Racer” and “Traffic Rider.”

These games, created and published by the talented Soner Kara, have succeeded in amassing a loyal and passionate following. In this article, we’ll explore the distinctive features, gameplay dynamics, and electrifying sensations offered by “Traffic Racer Mod APK Version 3.6” and “Traffic Rider Mod APK Version 1.95.”

Latest Traffic Racer Mod APK Information

Application NameTraffic Racer Mod APK (Unlimited money)
Offered bySoner Kara
Latest Versionv3.7
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Menu
Android Requirement5.0 and up
Size86.2 Mb

Features Of Traffic Racer Mod APK

  • Simple and intuitive controls
  • Choose between different cars to vary your experiences
  • Travel to different locations and drive on unique terrains
  • Unlimited Gold or cash
  • Various Weather Conditions
  • Improve Your Car’s Performance
  • Smooth and realistic car handling
  • Simple and intuitive controls
  • Explore different game modes
  • Free Ride
  • Two-way
  • Time Trial
  • Police Chase
  • Endless
  • Explore the interesting gameplay
  • Realistic and in-depth NPC traffics
  • Customize your ride to look fabulous on the roads
  • Enjoy online gameplay with millions of actual gamers
  • Free to play

Traffic Rider MOD APK Information

Application NameTraffic Rider
Offered bySoner Kara
Latest Versionv1.99b
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Menu
Android Requirement5.0 and up
Size126 Mb

Explore Exciting Game Modes

  • Free Ride
  • Two-way
  • Time Trial
  • Police Chase
  • Endless

Gameplay Of Traffic Racer MOD APK

For racing enthusiasts, both “Traffic Racer Mod APK” and “Traffic Rider Mod APK” offer a delightful array of gameplay modes and variety. In “Traffic Racer,” players are spoiled for choice with a remarkable selection of over 40 cars.

Every vehicle is intricately crafted to offer a unique driving encounter, spanning the spectrum from sleek sports cars to robust SUVs. On the flip side, “Traffic Rider” focuses exclusively on motorcycles, allowing players to mount a diverse collection of bikes.


What’s more, the game’s commitment to authenticity is evident in the inclusion of original engine sounds, which further amplify the immersion.

Environments and Immersive Settings

Both mod versions excel in crafting immersive environments that elevate the overall gaming journey. In the “Traffic Racer Mod APK” world, players are transported to a range of breathtaking locations, each endowed with its unique charm.

The game’s attention to detail ensures that whether you’re traversing a bustling cityscape or navigating a tranquil countryside, the surroundings come to life in vivid splendor.


Similarly, “Traffic Rider Mod APK” immerses players in a genuine motorcycling experience, featuring routes that wind through urban landscapes, scenic highways, and captivating country roads designed to test your reflexes and driving finesse.

Personalization and Upgrades

A significant aspect of both mods lies in the realm of customization and upgrades. “Traffic Racer APK” empowers players to personalize their cars, bestowing a sense of individuality upon their driving escapades.

With options ranging from unique paint jobs to various enhancements, players have the creative freedom to tailor their vehicles to match their preferences.


In contrast, “Traffic Rider Mod APK” focuses on motorcycle upgrades, enabling players to enhance their bikes’ performance. Whether fine-tuning acceleration, refining handling, or boosting top speeds, the customization options ensure that every ride resonates with the player’s style.

Diverse Game Modes and Thrilling Challenges

Both mods present a captivating selection of game modes and challenges to keep players fully engaged. “Traffic Racer Mod” boasts a diverse range of gameplay options, including Time Trial, Endless, Two-Way, and Free Ride, each offering unique objectives and rewarding experiences.

This variety ensures that players can seamlessly transition between different gameplay styles, maintaining a sense of excitement throughout. Similarly, “Traffic Rider Mod APK” introduces a variety of missions and tasks that put your motorcycling prowess to the test.


Players must complete objectives within specified timeframes or aim for high scores on leaderboards, injecting an element of friendly competition.

Leaderboards and Social Interaction

Both mods embrace the concept of leaderboards, fostering a sense of camaraderie and competition among players.

In “Traffic Racer Mod APK,” your achievements and high scores can be proudly displayed on global leaderboards, allowing you to gauge your performance against fellow players from around the world.

Similarly, “Traffic Rider Mod APK” invites you to partake in thrilling challenges with fellow motorcycle enthusiasts, vying for the coveted top position on leaderboards. This element of social interaction adds an extra layer of excitement, propelling you to prove your mettle on an international stage.

Financial Freedom and Unlockable Wonders

Monetary resources and unlocks significantly contribute to the gratification and progression within both mods. “Traffic Racer APK Mod” introduces players to unlimited money, eliminating the need for tiresome grinding and granting immediate access to an extensive selection of vehicles and enhancements.


Furthermore, the mod ensures that all features are unlocked from the outset, enabling players to dive headfirst into the action without hindrance.

Echoing this sentiment, “Traffic Rider Mod APK” equips players with boundless financial resources, enabling rapid exploration of diverse bikes and upgrades. This seamless integration of resources ensures an uninterrupted and fulfilling gaming experience.


  • Tilt or Touch to steer
  • Touch the gas button to accelerate
  • Touch the brake button to slow down


  • The faster you drive, the more scores you get
  • When driving over 100 km, overtake cars closely to get bonus scores and cash
  • Driving in the opposite direction in two-way mode gives an extra score and cash

What’s New in the Latest Version 3.7

  • Added two new cars
  • Improved car engine sounds
  • Improved gear ratios
  • Improved visibility in city night
  • Increased money income
  • Slightly increased power of police car
  • Adjusted positions of some buttons
  • Bug fixes and improvements


In the exhilarating universe of racing games, “Traffic Racer Mod APK Version 3.7” and “Traffic Rider Mod APK Version 1.99b” emerge as distinguished gems from the creative mind of Soner Kara.

While “Traffic Racer” envelopes players in an enticing world of diverse cars and challenging courses, “Traffic Rider” places you astride potent motorcycles, accompanied by the symphony of roaring engines and the rush of wind.

Both mods excel in delivering immersive landscapes, personalization avenues, and captivating challenges, guaranteeing that every gaming session is punctuated by exhilarating moments. With the infusion of limitless resources, unlocked features, and an extensive roster of vehicles, these mods pledge to satiate your thirst for speed, ensuring you’re compelled to revisit the racetrack time and again.

Whether you’re drawn to the elegance of cars or the thrill of motorcycles, these mods promise a unique and riveting experience tailored to the preferences of every racing devotee. Brace yourself for the ultimate joyride, a journey characterized by dominance on leaderboards and an unwavering adrenaline rush. The racetrack beckons – are you ready to answer the call?

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