Traffic Rider For iOS (Unlimited Money, Gold and Bikes) – Latest Version

Traffic Rider For IOS

By Sonar Kara

IOS: 10.0&UP

Version: 1.81

Size: 94.7MB



The Traffic Rider For IOS Version of the game is designed for those who enjoy gaming on iOS devices. This Mod version offers various improvements, such as unlimited free money, unlocked heavy bikes, and unlocked missions. has to offer. It has a large number of interesting features you can experience by playing this app.

Are you searching for racing games on iOS? If so, we have the ultimate recommendation for iOS users: Traffic Rider. This game developer caters specifically to iOS users, offering them unlimited money, unlocked bikes, and unlocked missions.

Elevate your iOS gaming with Traffic Rider APP. Unleash exciting features, vehicles & endless fun. Experience the ultimate ride – download Traffic Rider for iOS today

Traffic Rider For iOS

This game offers an exciting racing experience. Ride your bike on the highway, accelerating from minimum to maximum speed while maneuvering through traffic.

Earn points by swiftly passing through traffic, upgrading your rank, and unlocking more benefits. Be cautious not to crash by staying within the highway borders, as it takes a few seconds to recover.

Features For IOS

  • Enhanced 3D Graphics
  • Unlimited Money 
  • 30+ Bikes
  • Endless Roads


  • Easy Game Controls
  • New Missions
  • New Heavy Bikes Addition

Install Latest Version for IOS Users

Get ready for an exciting bike-riding adventure on the roads!


  • Experience a first-person perspective
  • Choose from 34 different motorcycles
  • Original sounds are recorded from real bikes.
  • Day and night variations for nature lovers.
  • Engage in a career mode with over 67 missions.
  • Compete on online leaderboards and unlock 27+ achievements
  • Available in 16+ languages


  • Increase your scores by riding faster.
  • Carefully overtake traffic vehicles at speeds above 100 km/h to earn bonus scores and coins.
  • Earn more points and coins by riding in the opposite direction on two-way roads.
  • Perform wheelies to boost your score and coin collection.

Traffic Rider APP For IOS Ipa Download

Experience endless excitement with Traffic Rider – no timers, no fuel constraints. This popular motorcycle game, developed by Soner Kara, is regularly updated based on user feedback. Take on the legendary moto-journey on Android, where you’ll race at high speeds on freeways. 

traffic rider-apk-for-ios

Please choose the best and most powerful motorcycle, upgrade it, and embark on an exhilarating adventure. Dodge other vehicles to earn maximum points by riding fast and skillfully. Enjoy the game’s infinite journey and impressive graphics. If you enjoyed this game, please share your feedback by leaving a review!

Traffic Rider Install For Ipad

Embark on missions at each level in Traffic Rider, where you’ll encounter various challenges categorized by difficulty and color. Before starting the game, you’ll be informed of the objectives for that level, such as reaching the destination on time.


Be cautious not to collide with anything on the road, as it will halt your vehicle. The game features two types of roads: one-way roads provide more freedom to maneuver, while two-way roads present challenges of avoiding moving vehicles and earning extra money by overtaking them.

How can I Download the Traffic Rider game for IOS?

To make the necessary changes and download the Zipper application on your iPhone or iPad, follow these steps:

  • Download the file provided above.
  • Access the settings on your device.
  • Navigate to Screen Time > Content and Privacy Restrictions.
  • Enable the option to install apps.
  • Use a Zip App to extract the downloaded file.
  • Install the application after extraction.
  • Congratulations! You have completed the process.


The Traffic Rider for iOS caters to the preferences of iOS gaming enthusiasts. It offers a range of desired features, including unlimited money, unlocked bikes, and unlocked missions. Progressing through missions allows you to achieve higher ranks on the leaderboard. With its extensive features, this game enjoys global popularity and is widely enjoyed worldwide.

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